The first steps that led to the foundation of MWG in 2014 were made in 2010. A watch and jewellery store with the name of Atelier Wyss was opened next to the Lion Monument in the beautiful city of Lucerne in Switzerland. In 2011 the activities were extended to Interlaken. 8 stores are being operated in Lucerne, Interlaken and Geneva as of today. Retail and Switzerland are our roots, but the acitivities were quickly extended to new areas and more countries. Today our main acitivity is the development of real estate, we continue to operate retail, are in the hotel business and constantly develop the design and production of goods in the world of fashion and furniture. MWG AG is active in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Korea.
MWG AG is the holding company of the entities operating in the different areas and countries. Our employees stem from many different cultures mainly in Europe and Asia. Together we base all our acitivites on the promise of Swiss Quality and we seek to touch the emotions of our clients in our business areas. We develop and implement concepts in all the fields that we embrace with the objective of them resulting in a fun, positive and excellent customer experience.